Healing prayer for everyone…


Some of my thoughts on anointing with oil and prayer for healing… (plus 5 steps in healing prayer from John Wimbur).


Join me Wednesday at 10 am Eastern for prayer LIVE in our Facebook group. No profession of faith required, and no offering plate will be passed. Everyone welcome.

My Story

I release a new YouTube video on my journey to wellness on the first Wednesday of each month. Archive

  • I believe that prayer can be powerful.
  • I believe that essential oils can be useful.
  • I believe those two work best together.

You deserve to be well.

-Carmen Shenk


When we practice gratitude and radical self acceptance, then we become intentional about self care. And more self care now means less health care down the road.

About Me

I’m Carmen Shenk and I have an auto immune skin condition that I can’t spell or pronounce, but sometimes I want to claw my skin off. The medical profession was unable to help me. Nevertheless, I continue to search, anoint, and pray.

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