Is called the “Swiss Army knife” of oils. Lavender is one of history’s most celebrated and versatile essential oils. Lavender is an adaptogen, and therefore can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy. Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade lavender is highly regarded for skin and beauty. It may be used to soothe and cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. The French scientist René Gattefossé was among the first to discover these properties when he was severely burned in a laboratory explosion.

The many plant constituents in lavender essential oil contribute to a vast range of usage. Today, we use lavender to cleanse, support normal sleep, ease occasional depressed moods, soothe sun-exposed skin, as a tea, and to reduce stress.

• Lavender oil is one of the safest essential oils and can be applied undiluted to the skin. The benefits of lavender essential oil are limitless, and modern research will continue to yield new and exciting uses for this amazing plant.

• It takes 170-250 lbs. of lavender plant material to make just 1 lb. of Lavender oil.

• Lavender may also be used to enhance the flavor of foods.

Thank you Young Living Dream Team!

Primary Benefits:

• Balances normal body functions*

• Supports normal sleep*

• Cleanses skin irritations*

• Soothes and relaxes the mind and body*

• Eases bodily tension and stress*

• Helps seasonal irritants

• Ease occasional depressed moods

• Soothe sun exposed skin

• Cleanse common cuts, scrapes, and bug bites

Happy Essential Oil Science:

If you love research like I do, you’ll love these!

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Study suggests aromatherapy massage can be considered by clinical nurses an efficient therapy for alleviating anxiety and depression among older women suffering from acute coronary syndrome

  Study suggest essential Oil Lavender has a potential to be used as an antibacterial agent against pathogenic bacteria isolated from pet turtles.

Study suggests that lavender essential oil might be used as broad-spectrum anti-microbial agents for decontaminating an indoor environment.




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